Saturday, September 03, 2005


Whenever I travel, I try to visit art museums, and whenever I visit art museums, I try to buy a postcard or print of the paintings I most enjoyed. When I went to the Met last year, I purchased a large print of this Modigliani painting, but only recently was I able to have it professionally framed.

The lady at Garden Ridge was very nice while helping me pick out a frame and said she liked the Modigliani too. When they called today to let me know that it and the Severini print I got in Venice were ready, I drove over. The young man at the framing counter showed me the Severini and then went back for the Modigliani, which emerged with a large piece of cardboard in front of it.

"We're not part of Garden Ridge," he said, pulling back the cardboard to show me the framed print, "and they don't allow us to have these on display."

"Garden Ridge doesn't like pictures of naked ladies?" I asked bemusedly.

"No. You should see it whenever we get one of these out on the loading dock; it sits there for weeks before we can find someone to come and pick it up." [I presume he meant as part of their bulk art purchases.]

The young man then carried the large print out to my car, carefully keeping the cardboard over the picture as we walked through the store.

Does this seem . . . odd . . . to anyone?
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