Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Firms Demand Loyalty, First Born?

I can't help but think this vindicates Blachman in some way. The post is about O of Opinionistas attempting to get information from a headhunter on taking a six month break to write a book and then coming back to a different law firm. The juicy part:
"So essentially, I can leave and come back, but if I spend those months doing anything that doesn't require wearing Banana Republic every day and making pointless smalltalk in the hallway, I may as well walk into the interviews straight from an Amazonian leper colony, without bothering to shower."

"Well, yes. The corporate world wants loyalty, you can't always come back."

"Wow, I've always known this, but I've never actually heard it stated so bluntly by an actual knowledgable person that exists outside my internal monologue."

"I'd imagine you probably think that, because you went to X and Y schools and had no trouble getting summer offers, you'll be able to walk right back into a hiring partner's office and get hired."

"Well no, I didn't think it was that simple."

"Good, because it isn't. I suggest you try to take vacation and sick days or something."

"You mean, write a book during a week-long vacation and a few personal days?"

"It would eliminate the resume gap."
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