Saturday, September 24, 2005

Same Old Saturday Night

Tonight I went to see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, since Netflix is jerking my chain over returned Buffy discs (tomorrow I am curling up with either a new book or some Arrested Development DVDs, but today was an undead sort of day). It's been too long since The Nightmare Before Christmas came out for me to really compare the two, but the contrast between Corpse Bride's stop-motion animation and the awful CGI in the trailer for Disney's reinvented version of Chicken Little was like night and day, with night winning by TKO. Corpse Bride 's a short movie, and certain elements rung false (the anachronistic jazz interlude in an otherwise consistently nineteenth century setting, for example), but for a slight piece of entertainment it was worth the five dollars I paid for a matinee ticket. Helena Bonham Carter was somewhat muted as the bride; I would have preferred her to be more Marla Singer-deranged.
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