Sunday, September 25, 2005

How To Schedule Posts in Blogger

I recently solicited advice on how to best schedule posts in Blogger so I could compose posts in the morning before work and have them appear on the site later in the day (this is all so you readers can have a stream of fresh content during your prime web surfing hours, so I hope it's appreciated!). After trying a few different strategies, managing to irretrievably mess up my Yahoo email account, and noodling in Outlook, I came up with this work-around:

1. Activate Blogger's post by email function.

2. Sign up for Email Scheduler.

3. Compose posts in Email Scheduler and set reminder time for when you want the post to appear.

4. Put "#end" at the end of the post (otherwise the Email Scheduler service puts signature spam in the text of your post).

5. Profit!

Hand coding the HTML is a bit tedious, but that's the only disadvantage I've found so far. If someone else knows an easier way, feel free to comment.
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