Friday, September 02, 2005

Express Yourself

Joanne Jacobs expresses shock that her high school aged niece was told to make a collage about herself for pre-calculus class. I can top this. Our first assignment at Harvard Law School was to make a collage. My journal from the time reflects my disgust with this absurd task:
For my First Year Lawyering class (where we learn writing and research methods), we have to make "a collage, a drawing, a crayon rendition, or any form of expression that depicts the qualities of the lawyer you most want to be."

No joke, people. For my first assignment at Harvard Law School, I have to make a collage. Or bust out the crayons. Either way, it sounds damn silly.
I didn't take the assignment very seriously. My effort can be found here.

UPDATE: Welcome, Althouse readers! I only wish I had photos of my classmates' submissions. Many people used the suggested crayons, and one woman made a mobile.

UPDATE II: Link to collage fixed.
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