Monday, September 19, 2005

Tales from Clerksville

My neighbors are the only people I've ever seen who leave bags of dog poop on their own porch.

They have a couple of dogs, and apparently they are conscientious enough to scoop and bag the poop when they take Fido and Butch for a walk, but it looks like they are not energetic enough to take the poo to the dumpster across the parking lot. This means there is a growing pile of little black plastic bags on their patio.

I hope nobody sets them on fire.

Relatedly, in that it is on pets: I have a song I sing to Lily ("She's a lily of the valley; she's a kitty from an alley," with sort of a Copacabana flair), but I am having trouble thinking of rhymes for Snape. I end up telling him he's Snape the Grape Ape, but his being neither purple nor simian makes that unsatisfying. Thoughts?

Along those lines: pet nicknames.
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