Friday, July 08, 2005

Super Freak Out!

Okay, I have officially hit the freak out stage of bar prep.

I am twitchy, nervous, and unable to sleep most nights. I need to relax. But most of my anxiety centers around the idea that I have not been working hard enough, so the benefits of sitting down and watching a movie with my boyfriend or zoning out blissfully at my computer are completely cancelled out by the subsequent panicky feeling that I was already behind and thus should have spent that time catching up. Time spent working just produces a "spinning the wheels" sensation, although I must say that the far more manageable California essay topics do give something of a sense of achievement after completion in a way that the awe-inspiring voluminousness of the MBE topics never could. And my essay writing may finally be hitting the mark (I'll see when I get some grades back), as I have pared everything down to the most boring and repetitive IRAC formula possible.

On the bright side, I didn't get an auto response to my Community Property submission, so maybe they've fixed that little glitch.
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