Saturday, July 16, 2005

Random Roundup X

Apropos of nothing: I like Kate Litvak.

Adoption agency in Mississippi that receives state funds refuses to consider Catholics as adoptive parents. I think all those charity license plates are stupid (care about manatees? anti-abortion? want to support your alma mater? give money to the appropriate charity and buy a bumper sticker! why do you need the state's imprimatur?) and have been skeptical of the movement toward providing government funds to religiously affiliated organizations, but hopefully incidents like this will provide a wake-up call to less concerned others.

Renaissance dress codes
were pretty harsh.

You can get a custom oil portrait from China.

There is something weird going on in our house.

UPDATE: The something weird is that we are slobs. For now, check out this amazing deer-centric art by Erick Swenson.
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