Thursday, July 28, 2005

Check out any time you like

Okay, so . . . I'm done. With the bar exam. Hopefully for the last time. The essays were not nearly as gnarly as the Tuesday ones, although I found it hard to apply as many facts as I should have on the PT since most of them were only marginally relevant to the constitutional question and were all on the other side. I think the whole point of that PT was to fake people out into writing a memo for the wrong side so they could be promptly failed.

I ran into Jaffer today and we were chatting about the passage rates. While the HLS pass rate for first timers was 90% last year, the overall pass rate for all takers is more like 50%. It's sort of sad to look around the room and know that half the people in there will probably fail. It's even sadder to think that you might be one of them.

I saw a few random acquaintances today, some of whom I'll probably never see again unless we both fail and have to come back in February. So I hope I'll never see them again, I guess, although that sounds sort of mean. It's for our own good.

I didn't have any particularly obnoxious earworms today, but after the exam I got in my car to drive back to the hotel and sponge off their wireless signal to check the location of the nearest bookstore "Hotel California" was playing. That didn't seem to bode well for my passage prospects so I hit the next preset and "California Girls" came on. That was better, but it wasn't until "1999" made an appearance that I felt like the radio and I were in synch. Unfortunately, I won't be doing any partying tonight, since I have a red-eye back to D.C. so I can go to the IJ conference this weekend.

N.B. Does anyone have a transcription of the sequence in My Cousin Vinny when they find out he took six tries to pass the bar? I googled around for it with no luck and thought it would the perfect thing to post today.
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