Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bits, Pieces

Things I've learned recently:

-My employment prospects are in danger!

-Grabbing one box of contacts while packing suffices for most people, but not those of us who have different prescriptions for each eye. I'm sure the boyfriend will be pleased to see me in my glasses.

-There's more going on than just "vanity sizing" with the changing sizes at stores like the Gap and J. Crew.

-In France carpooling can get you sued.

-Ted Frank works at AEI.

-My Firefly character is the Captain. UPDATE: Inara, says this less clumsily obvious test.

-One of my college buddies is now some kind of hipster goth.

-The only good movie in theaters now that I haven't already seen is apparently the one about penguins.

-Forcing myself to do more essays and performance tests is practically impossible at this point. But I must.
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