Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dinner and a Senator

Tonight's dinner with Will Baude and his mother was marked by good food and moderate excitement. My Cafe Salad inexplicably included beets and the carrot cake came with an undisclosed helping of fig slices and our server was, in Will's words "arrhythmic," but everything was at least tasty, if not predictable.

The evening concluded with a sighting of a blonde and slim Chelsea Clinton, who chatted with the hostess and then trotted outside. I thought we might get to see her and some of her friends, but instead she returned with two Secret Service types and her mother. Hillary was wearing a light colored summery suit which was much more flattering than her usual black suit and pink shirt ensemble and looked lovely (except for her blocky reading glasses, which she wears at the tip of her nose in a rather odd manner). She and Chelsea were accompanied by a casually dressed older brunette woman who didn't contribute to their dinner conversation. We speculated that she might be a relative, although maybe she's a undercover Secret Service ninja.

So: Palena: tasty food, Clinton approved. Between this evening and my near-literal run-in with Bill in the Old Executive Office Building a few years back, I've now spotted all the Clintons. Maybe I should collect Bush sightings next.
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