Tuesday, July 05, 2005


At some point last night I was given the tour of my friend's new apartment in D.C. and I noticed her framed diploma from HLS waiting to be hung on the wall. Like the diplomas from Sua Sponte's undergrad, our law school diplomas are in incomprehensible Latin (unrelatedly, shipping my Latin books via Media Mail was a horrible idea; it's been three weeks, and my phone call to the Post Office today produced only a statement that Media Mail arrival is hard to predict because sometimes it just will "sit somewhere" for an indefinite period). However, I noticed that my friend who graduated from the Ed School had her diploma in English. How does Harvard (or any other school, for that matter) decide who gets the impressive yet impenetrable Latin diplomas or the more conventional English diplomas?

*Wouldn't it make sense if a discussion about diplomas could be called diplomacy?
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