Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Random fannish obsessiveness: You may have noticed that the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings all had something blue on their lapels this year. Even though you saw them on stage eleven times, you might still not know what they were. These pins were the ultimate manifestation of the nerd domination of Hollywood. They were commissioned and presented yearly at the New Zealand consulate by TheOneRing.Net, perhaps the internet's most obsessive LOTR site. To repeat: a bunch of Tolkien geeks from a fan website so entrenched themselves in the production process that the cast and crew wore tokens from them to the glitziest night in Hollywood.

The jeweler who made these pins is evidently officially licensed by the Tolkien estate. You can get one of the extra pins if you are willing to fork over the dough. He has replicas of the Rings of Power for sale also. *drools*

If none of this made any sense, you might want to browse through the Encyclopedia of Arda, which can answer Middle Earth related questions ranging from "Who's that Bilbo guy?" to "How is Aragorn related to Arwen?"
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