Friday, March 19, 2004

More faux-hate crime news: the AP story has some interesting statements from the witnesses who saw Dunn trash her own car:

"But police now say two witnesses saw Dunn drive into a Claremont McKenna College parking lot with her car already spray-painted and then proceed to pop the vehicle's tires.

The two witnesses, a male and female who are friends with a Claremont student, were sitting in their own car but began backing out of a space after becoming alarmed by Dunn's alleged actions, said police Sgt. Paul Davenport.

Dunn then allegedly came up to their car and asked if the two saw anyone damage her vehicle.

"I was thinking to myself, 'Yeah, we just saw you pop your tires,'" one of the witnesses later told police, Davenport said.

One of them thought the actions might be part of an experiment because Dunn identified herself as a professor of psychology, he said."

(Curiously, the last line seems to have been removed from the current version of the story, which is unfortunate, since it's the punch line of the whole thing.)

There is much more on this further down the page; my permalinks are shot for some reason.
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