Saturday, March 06, 2004

It's always cool to rediscover a website: click a link, and suddenly you realize that you visited this site before, maybe a couple of years ago, and the content that you devoured hungrily and then forgot to bookmark has been updated with lots of new things. This happens a lot with Metafilter repeat links.

Here's the most recent example. Laura lives in New York City. She's had tons of cool adventures, but recently got reassigned Chris Rock's old cell phone number and had a lot of fun with it.

Other People's Stories is another site I spent all night reading when I originally found it, but which doesn't update quickly enough to make it into the cycle of regularly checked bookmarks. The premise:

Every story on OPS is a story a contributor heard from someone else. These stories have been overheard and misheard, told and re-told and sometimes refined over time. They do not shy from hearsay, gossip, myth or guys we knew in high school. OPS is dedicated to the time-honored tradition of stealing other people’s material and we therefore recognize our debt to those from whom we’ve stolen and acknowledge that these stories do not belong to us.

Excellent stuff.
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