Monday, March 08, 2004

Part of the cost of law school, aside from the methodical destruction of all that is joyful and creative in your spirit, is the association of reading with work to an extent unparalleled by any undergraduate course of study. As someone who started reading at age two and got in trouble consistently in grade school for sticking my nose in a book instead of listening in class, my love of books has been the one consistent theme in life. Now I hardly have time to read for pleasure. Short stories are ideal, since I can swallow one and then fall directly asleep; I get too into novels and end up staying awake until 3am trying to "get to a stopping point" - famous last words.

All this is prelude to me moping over the fact that I'll won't get around to reading half the books on this list any time in the next couple of years. Amber = not educated.
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