Wednesday, March 31, 2004

In Canakkale: typing on Turkish keyboards is hard for those of us who are not touch typists. This morning we went to Troy. It has far more in the way of excavated ruins than the guidebooks imply. We are not going south to Ephesus or Pergamon, but I have comforted myself with the thought that I have seen all the best stuff from those sites already since the Germans carried it off to Berlin. Instead we are heading to Bursa to the mud baths and to see the Green Mosque. I have been able to find no decent souvenirs thus far and refuse to go back to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to shop. I better find some nice pottery or a carpet in Bursa.

I see that my comments on the Leiter affair have been picked up on the FedSoc blog by Mr. Skrmetti. I'll address those at greater length after I return if the issue is still pertinent, but I still find the line between personal attack and attack on an individual's prospects within a field due to allegedly shoddy scholarship exceedingly fine. Is there any way to tell someone they are incompetent and that they advocate factually incorrect ideas without making that sentiment feel, to the target, like a personal attack?
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