Thursday, March 04, 2004

Just sent off a memo for Fed Lit. The composite of submissions we'll be reviewing in tomorrow's class has some really juicy instructor comments:

"Why not do the sensible thing – declare open season on fruits and instrumentalities of crime by depriving possessors of any “ownership” or other interest that law will protect, get rid of the exclusionary rule, and award damages to the innocent subjected to 4th A “violations.” voilĂ , as the cheese-eating surrender monkeys would say, the best of all worlds."

"Garbage! – and begging the question of whether guilty citizens have any “constitutional rights” or are just means of enforcing the “constitutional rights” of innocent citizens"

"Your client is not a “citizen” he’s a “criminal citizen” and it’s not obvious that the “rights” of one should be equivalent to the “rights” of another."

More fun quotes here.

Being enrolled in this class and having taken Nesson's evidence class in the winter surely puts me on track for collecting all the wacky professors at HLS, Pokemon style. I wonder who else I'll need to take next year in order to "catch 'em all."
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