Monday, March 22, 2004

David Bernstein is blogging the Claremont hoax again at The Volokh Conspiracy. The details are a little off (anti-gay slurs appeared at Pomona also and the cross was a Pomona art project, as I understand it), but the general sentiment is probably correct. Mudd students like to get drunk and set things on fire and CMC students are relatively conservative. Those things are not equal to a climate "hostile to diversity." There were definitely a few louts and fools when I was there, but they appeared on both sides of the political spectrum. For example, the left wing protesters that shut down the colleges' administration building and prevented workers from obtaining their paychecks hurt the (overwhelmingly Latino) staff much more than the efforts of one student to disrupt a gay student event by playing loud country music hurt the queer community on campus.

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