Monday, July 11, 2005

Sensitive People

Maybe I'm just insensitive. Maybe I just grew up around too many relatives with mysterious illnesses that sounded a lot like psychosomatic sicknesses or wanting attention and not much like actual medical problems. Maybe I still have some deep seated skepticism of junk science. But these people sound like total crackpots to me, just like the MSG and aspartame paranoiacs in this thread. Allergies are one thing; they can be tested. But is there actual science to back up these claims of sensitivity to electricity and magnetic fields? Or are these folks the walking, talking tinfoil hat brigade?

Will Baude points out that the best way for the Snowflake sensitives to cope with the disturbing prospect of a normal family moving in next door would be for them to purchase a covenant from the present owners, which would presumably lower the asking price of the house but be more affordable for the concerned neighbors than buying the place outright. I suppose that would be the legal solution. Then again, it might be best if they all moved to Quantico, although how a bunch of people like these could cope with living next to a huge government facility chock full of scary waves and chemicals that pollute their precious bodily fluids is beyond me.
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