Monday, July 04, 2005

BarBri Graders Hate Me.

Okay BarBri graders, you win. I am in fact the dumbest woman alive. How could I not understand that putting in three layers of subheadings is necessary to pass? At least you've quit docking my grade for not underlining the subheadings in my plaintext email submissions. How could I not understand that failing to follow the answer outline you've given me is a sure fire way to lose points? Discussing hearsay out of order will certainly make me fail. And while I may think that it actually makes me look stupider to bring up issues that don't actually apply when there's a perfect fit with another hearsay exception, obviously throwing in a bunch of irrelevant crap is proof of my encyclopedic knowledge, not of a total failure to be able to apply law to facts.

Is anyone getting passing grades on these essays? They keep telling us all we need to do is pass, but then it seems impossible to actually get a passing grade on the damn things.

UPDATE: There's not even an issue list? WTF?
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