Friday, July 08, 2005

Rare Praise

As a libertarian, I'm normally pretty mistrustful and leery of dealing with government. My interactions with the Postal Service are often pretty dire, and my total confusion re: my own tax forms militated against my summer firm's intention to make me a tax lawyer. But in marked contrast to my series of horrid experiences dealing with BarBri, I just had the most wonderful interaction with the taxing authority of my clerkship state.

I am buying a car in State X and bringing it to Clerkship State. I wanted to know if that meant I had to pay any kind of Clerkship State tax on the car or if whatever sales taxes and registration fees paid in State X would be sufficient. I am still legally a domiciliary of State X and have a State X drivers license. I was transferred (without being hung up on! learn from the masters, Postal Service!) by one polite woman to another polite woman. The second one gave me her guess about what would be required, went to look up confirmation, and then came back to say she needed more time to look up the exact citation so I could prove her original guess was correct and would call me back. And then she promptly called back within half an hour and let me know that I should register the car and pay tax in Clerkship State.

That's some fine customer service, and being a non-resident of Clerkship State, I'm not even really a customer.
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