Friday, July 08, 2005

Force Feeding

Wah, the big bad market is making me buy Double Whoppers with Cheese! Jesse Taylor wonders where the healthy fast food is. He admits that most chains have some fairly healthy options, but then says
Even restaurants which are technically "better" for you, or at least have a healthier image, still undermine any health they promote by giving you meal options that force you to consume hundreds more calories than they should.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but how does McDonald's offering the Big Mac force you to consume it? I've eaten at fast food joints plenty of times when I am in a hurry or just have a jones for grease, and never has my order of a sandwich with no fries or kids' meal request been met with the barrel of a gun and the injunction to accept their upsell or meet my maker. Likewise, how does Subway's inclusion of 12 inch meatball subs on the menu force you to buy them instead of a 6 inch veggie or turkey sub? Does Jesse Taylor live in an area subject to some new, deadly-force-based marketing campaign for fast food?

What utter hogwash.

And by the way, this
people see a lot of vegetables on something and assume it's healthy. Oddly enough, a pound and a half of food is still a pound and a half of food.
is just silly. 1.5 pounds of sauteed onions and peppers is not the equivalent of 1.5 pounds of steak. (Apparently the real stealth calories are in the tortilla: see here.)
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