Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Not too savvy

I need to move into an apartment in a far-off state sometime in August (my clerkship's start date may be around Labor Day, but there's a chance it could be 2-3 weeks earlier). I just got off the phone with an apartment complex I visited at the time of my interview, and they said there were anticipated vacancies in 30-60 days and that they'll call me back on July 1. Is this normal management company behavior?

It's terribly pathetic, but I've never rented an apartment like this before. All my previous tenancies were sublets (which made negotiations very simple) or university-owned apartments. Augh. Someone recently proposed that I move by hitching my car to the back of a U-Haul and driving that to my new state. I can't even imagine how quickly I would totally destroy my car on the freeway with that setup.

At least being scared of all this lets me forget how afraid I should be of my Fed Courts exam.
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