Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Caesar's Bath

Frabjous day! I have been passed the Caesar's Bath meme.
Behold, the Caesar's Bath meme! List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can't really understand the fuss over. To use the words of Caesar (from History of the World Part I), "Nice. Nice. Not thrilling . . . but nice."
1. Reality shows: the networks found a way to avoid paying for actors, sets, or writers, and people just eat it up. Sometimes the recaps my friends give sound vaguely interesting, but I waste too much of my life with other forms of voyeurism (like reading blogs) to feel the need to watch this stuff. Even if it does make me smarter.

2. Ada: Sorry, Will. I have still only read part of it.

3. Capri pants: they're okay, I guess. But you still have to shave your legs, so why not wear a skirt or shorts?

4. Lamb: it never tastes like anything to me. If I wanted bland protein, I'd eat tofu.

5. Manhattan: sure, you can get anything you could ever want, but you've got to walk to get there. The good pizza is in Brooklyn. And every time I go there I feel like Westley in the Machine: like a year of my life has been sucked away.

I'd like to pass this off to Will, Christiana, and Raffi.
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