Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Is there any doubt that legal professionals are one of the most socially inept sub-cultures on the planet? Well, we can probably still look down on accountants and actuaries. But it's pretty bad.

Angus, who despite his florid self descriptions is really quite personable, asks
do they think law school creates LSSR in people, or that it attracts people already suffering from social retardation and merely incubates it into full-blown LSSR?
I think it's the latter, almost by definition; how could you have LSSR before law school? Anyway, all the whip-smart types with mad schmoozing skills go to business school. Some of them find out that their business acumen isn't so hot, so they come to law school and smarm it up here. But what career path is there for wonkish, ambitious bookworms that seek traditional status and approval other than law? (For this socially awkward law student, the choice was clear.) Then you stick us all together in a homogeneous group for three years and have us interact by jointly analyzing esoterica. Any ability to be a normal social animal is utterly destroyed by this process.
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