Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Spies: Movie Madness Edition

1. Which Simpsons character are you most like?

Definitely Lisa. Nerdy, bookish, always fretting about doing the right thing. I'm not much of a do-gooder, though.

2. Name a song you hate that is performed by a band you like. Name a song you like by a band you hate.

The Bloodhound Gang is a profoundly stupid glorified novelty band, but I can listen to "I Hope You Die" over and over again, especially the part about doing "the Silence of the Lambs dance to Christian rock." And I love Belle & Sebastian, but the song "Seymour Stein" totally deserves the contemptuous treatment it received at the hands of Jack Black in High Fidelity.

3. What skills do you possess? Nunchuck skills? Computer hacking skills?

I have decent baking skills, okay editing skills, and some damn fine Trivial Pursuit skills.

4. Coen Brothers or Farrelly Brothers?

Coen! The Farrelly Brothers are a pustulent boil on the face of the movie industry. Of course, they would probably record themselves being lanced into oblivion, crop it into a movie with Ben Stiller, and make a few million dollars.

5. What do you predict will be the worst part(s) of the new Star Wars movie?

Natalie Portman pretending to be heartbroken when her evil cardboard husband turns to the Dark Side. And any reappearance of Jar Jar.
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