Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday Spies: Tax Day Edition

1. What names did you consider for your blog?

"Class Maledictorian" was always the front-runner, but I also considered "Legally Brunette" and some nerdy Latin titles. In the end I went with this, which gets misspelled enough that it might as well be in Latin and will be meaningless in a month when I am no longer part of a class. "Bamberblog" was the most popular choice when I polled the readership about a renaming several weeks ago.

2. What is your favorite adult beverage and why?

After a bad experience in college with the Midori sour (7 or more in a row = bad), I have finally come back around to loving it. Sweet, toxic green alcohol: what could be better? Maybe prosecco.

3. If you could cancel 3 television shows, what would they be?

The Apprentice: Trump face should never be on TV.
The Real World: I used to like this show in its first season or two, when the people had real jobs and well formed personalities. Now it's like a hyped up, overdramatized freshman dorm, except most of the people should be old enough to know better.
The West Wing: a sacreligious choice, but I am so sick of hearing people in law school drool over the West Wing. It's one of the few shows it's okay to like even if you're a serious nerd here, but I think they're mostly just watching to dull the pain of electoral defeat.

4. You've been asked to host SNL.
Which cast would you choose to work with, and who would you choose as the musical guest?

I would pick the 1990 cast, when they still had Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Chris Rock, and David Spade. My musical guest would be Bjork, not because I love her music that much (it's okay, with a few great songs), but because she is an absolute loon and woudl do all kinds of bizarre stuff without batting an eye.

5. What will Britney Spears name her baby and which three names will she consider and reject before settling on the "winner"?

Old fashioned names are what's hot now (witness Julia Roberts's Phinnaeus and Hazel), but Britney's too dense to appreciate something like Phoebe or Olivia. I bet she leans toward something like Taryn, Layla (rejected as too much like her dog's name after Kevin points that out), or Haley. Eventually, though, she'll settle on "Hope" because despite her Gump-like IQ, the girl is full of desperate hope for the future. Too bad it's all misplaced. See you on VH1's "Where are they now?" in 2009, Britster!
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