Thursday, March 10, 2005

Parody Thoughts

I wrote a long post about the parody, but Blogger ate it. A brief summary:

-Seeing dozens of brilliant women reduced to legs and midriffs is vaguely creepy.

-The law school as a whole is not over the election, as evidenced by the recurring themes of the show ("Justice Stevens Please Don't Die" to the tune of "Hit Me Baby One More Time," sketches about the desperation and ineptitude of progressives, depicting the Federalist Society as a bunch of Scalia-worshipping baby eaters and practitioners of human sacrifice).

-They apparently couldn't get Dean Kagan for last night's show and had to make do with Dean Cosgrove. Boo.

-Law school parodies never have more than a thread of plot, so using that limitation as an excuse to make the show charmingly meta and breaking the fourth wall was probably the best decision the writers could have made.

-No clown was present, but they still managed to get in some vicious jabs at a few students. Do these students really deserve such treatment?

-They didn't bother to parody the actual president of the Federalist Society, instead subbing in a 2L with a funny name for that role. What the hell?
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