Friday, March 04, 2005

Dogs and cats whizzing together -- mass hysteria!

What is the big freaking deal about unisex restrooms, anyway?

Safety concerns? Like men and women being alone together in a small room? How is it more difficult to attack someone in a bathroom versus a conference room or a copy room? Is some guy going to be overcome with lust at the sight of a lady's ankles under the stall door and run mad?

Privacy concerns? Is it so traumatizing to think that someone of the opposite sex might hear you pee? After switching to single sex restrooms in its law student dormitories, HLS has had a mini-epidemic of peeping toms. If some weirdo wants to watch you in the bathroom, he will.

As for the allegation that men are dirtier than women, I'm not sure that that's accurate. Women's bathrooms can be pretty disgusting. At least stupid men never flush maxipads and flood the place. And for every man with bad aim, there's a woman who hovers above the seat so she doesn't catch cooties and makes a mess. Both sexes are gross. Why not have them be gross together?

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