Sunday, March 20, 2005

Air Woes

The Air France/Alitalia/Delta SkyTeam alliance can collectively bite me.

I just returned from Europe three hours ago. I should have done so 24 hours earlier, but a snafu of gargantuan proportions at Charles De Gaulle airport resulted in an unscheduled day in Paris. Normally I would welcome a day in Paris, but seeing as it was spent in the airport and the seedy French Motel 6 equivalent near Parc Asterix provided by Air France, I had no access to beautiful sights, delicious food, or internet connections, thus making it an extended stay in hell. The only way I was able to contact anyone was when some fellow travelers allowed me to use a minute or two of the connection time they had purchased for their laptop (CDG is apparently the only European airport not to have realized the lucrative potential of freestanding internet kiosks and provides only a set of dirty plugs for those with their own computer).

However, because they did not force me to sleep in the airport or lose my luggage, I will not devote my entire life to the destruction of Air France and instead will take a deep breath and share some lovely vacation photos.
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