Monday, March 28, 2005


What´s nice about Barcelona is that the fact that I don´t speak the language becomes less important, since no one can really expect visitors to be fluent in Catalan. The city is bit on the drunken side for me, but it´s interesting. Today is Easter Monday, yet another holiday, so most things are still closed, but the Picasso Museum was open so we went to that. It has a lot of early works, from back when he was still painting people who looked like people. I enjoyed it. Tonight, the migraine gods willing, I´ll venture onto the streets for some nightlife. Or not.

Query: in what parallel universe does standing in the center of Los Ramblas at 6:30 AM brandishing a six pack and cooing "nice beer, sexy beer" actually result in female companionship?

ANNOUNCEMENT: My former college roommate, Kathy Nesteby, will be guest blogging for the next week. I´ll continue to post from Spain, but Kathy should give you all something more to chew on. We don´t agree about much, so those of you who are accustomed to my libertarian perspectives may get a surprise.
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