Thursday, March 17, 2005

Additional Thoughts from Venezia

Internet time in the former city-state is as expensive as everything else, so my communication will be brief. I have taken over 200 photos and will cull a handful of the best for your viewing pleasure once I have returned to the states (a better use for photographs than argument against atrocity is to use them as documentary evidence of pleasure). Until then, text observations:

-It was not good to be the doge. Ten guys poised to behead you at any moment, no power but persuasion, and you have to live in a giant chilly box with a bunch of prisoners and bureaucrats. And no foreign vacations: they're illegal!

-There are an almost infinite number of ways to fantasize about eradicating the pigeons in St. Mark's Square. Tom Lehrer was quite unimaginative.

-Woman cannot live on gelato alone. But she can try.
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