Thursday, February 17, 2005

Random roundup VI

-Will Baude is weirded out by covenant marriage. My classmate Waddling Thunder, not so much. The blogosphere reaction to this is generally negative. I have to say that I don't care one way or the other if some people decide to voluntarily commit themselves to a difficult-to-breach contractual arrangement. And what with all the hoopla about natalist rhetoric lately, I can't decide whether I am glad that some people have chosen to take one for the team and do this whole reproduction thing so I don't have to and are so serious about it that they are willing to stay in crappy marriages with people they don't like or if I should be enraged at the whole regressive idea of covenant marriage. Right now I have my own concerns and am taking the apathetic libertarian position of not giving a flip.

-My cat's name was Toby. I had a cool student who worked with me at the Rose named Toby (and now he's the student manager, just like I was!). And this bunny is named Toby. My allegiance to Tobys is at war with my knowledge that rabbit is tasty. In the end, I will probably go next door to the tapas restaurant and order some rabbit. But in the meantime - awww!

-My ceiling was falling down so a bunch of workmen just spent the last half hour or so in my apartment singing in Spanish and knocking giant chunks of plaster everywhere. They were also spraying something which is making wooze-inducing fumes. But they did vacuum up after themselves, so yay for having my household chores completed by Harvard maintenance personnel.

-A true story from the belly of the beast: extreme shopping.

-Totally fascinating story about back-to-basics funerals.

-I was just complaining about how Spencer never blogs anymore, but he's back. Huzzah. Maybe now he can tell me what a chapbook is.

-While reading *to Benjamin?* The kid's a Volokh. I would have thought he'd be reading already!
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