Friday, February 04, 2005

Internet deprivation leads to snark

Posting is from the library this afternoon, as I am trying to knock out next week's reading by removing myself from my apartment. Of course, the desktop machines are still around, but it's much easier to marshal my self-control and only get online after one subject's worth is done if my laptop is not right there tempting me.

Thomas Aquinas makes my head spin. Maybe this is because I lack the grace required to appreciate the writings of the Angelic Doctor. Then again, maybe it's because using "reason" to justify persecution and murder of religious dissenters makes no freaking sense. Oh well. I'm sure a two-time winner of the NYU Law teaching award can bring it all together for silly little atheist me in Monday's class.

I'm going to scamper back to my (uncomfortable) study chair by the window and dive into the pleasures of Legal Profession reading. A critique of the traditional model of legal professional ethics: be still, my beating heart.
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