Sunday, February 06, 2005

Not-so-public art

So you read about the City of Paris being a blob of greed by claiming that nocturnal photography of the Eiffel Tower is copyright infringement. Maybe you scoffed and thought such silliness could never happen here.

You might not want to go crazy with that camera in Chicago either. Apparently the most eye-catching piece of public art in Millenium Park is copyrighted. As with the Eiffel Tower, amateurs are not currently being charged or sued for photographing the work in question. But presumably if you made money off a blog and posted pictures of the sculpture on it, you could be liable for infringement.

Get 'em while you can: pictures of Cloud Gate. Someone should slap one of these on a t-shirt just to be annoying. (Via Boing Boing, as usual)
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