Sunday, February 27, 2005

Martinis and Cheese Are All That Can Save Me Now

The conference has ended and all 900 or so participants are now heading home. The party's just started at Casa Bamber, however, as the Oscars are on tonight and I have invited a few friends over to laugh at Chris Rock, eat brie, bread, and savory twinkies, and be drunken.

I started to make an Oscar picks list, but the realized that I have not seen half the nominated movies because this was a crappy year for film and I stayed home watching Netflix DVDs instead. Nominated movies I actually saw: Eternal Sunshine, Collateral, Maria Full of Grace, Kinsey, The Incredibles, A Very Long Engagement, Shrek 2 (in Serbia!), House of Flying Daggers, Spider-Man 2, and The Village. I am mostly watching for Chris Rock and the bad female fashion.

P.S. What has happened to De Novo?
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