Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Admit it!

So excited: I was admitted to the other spring section of Fed Courts, which allows me to get a new professor and a four day weekend.

On an unrelated note, Warren Bell is a smug jerk. I was all set to boycott any show he writes for, but it's not necessary. None of them are funny, so I never watched any of them anyway. (Ellen, just to be clear, is lame.) I especially enjoyed hearing that the proper criteria for funniness is male (Bell shows no evidence of knowing what women find uniquely funny): that women get male attention by growing breasts, but men get our attention by cracking wise. Because clearly guys never catch our eyes with their bodies, and vivacious, witty women are ignored. I'm not sure what Bell got out of writing this essay or NRO got out of publishing it, except the satisfaction of grinding down women and elevating men. Pah.

Phoebe weighs in here.
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