Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The ABA, opening my eyes to the joys of socialism

Here's an excerpt from yesterday's readings for my Legal Profession class:
there are definite character traits that the professional such as the lawyer must take on if the system is to work. . . . the lawyer qua lawyer will be encouraged to be competitive rather than cooperative; aggressive rather than accomodating; ruthless rather than compassionate; and pragmatic rather than principled. . . . It is surely neither accidental nor unimportant that these are the same character traits that are emphasized and valued by the capitalist ethic -- and on precisely analogous grounds. Because the ideals of professionalism and capitalism are the dominant ones within our culture, it is harder than most of us suspect even to take seriously the suggestion that radically different styles of living, kinds of occupational outlooks, and types of social institutions might be possible, let alone preferable.
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