Monday, February 07, 2005

My own personal nightmare

If I had to work in an office like the one discussed here I would go postal inside of a week. All the screaming, gurgling, babbling . . . it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. Maybe in a building where every employee had her own soundproof office, or at least a door to close, it might be tolerable. But that would include a vanishingly small percentage of women in the workforce. And in a world in which companies are now monitoring your bathroom time and seeking to reduce it in the name of efficiency, does anyone expect corporate America to smile and accept that significant parts of your working day will be spent persuading your three year old not to put the stapler in his mouth and cleaning vomit off your copy of the TPS reports? The entitlement is staggering. Prepare to be outsourced.

And if all this nonsense actually gets pushed through and then the parents say I can't bring a dog to work because it will scare/contaminate their precious babies . . . here comes the crazy.
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