Friday, December 24, 2004

'tis the season to be sniffly

I am allergic to Texas.

As a kid, I always had bad allergies. When I moved to California for college, they were still bad for a while (especially in the spring, when so much pollen drifted around that the sidewalks on Sixth Street were pale green). Eventually, though, they calmed down. In Boston they don't bother me at all. But as soon as I come back, my nose stuffs up. It's like clockwork. I suppose it could be worse - I could break out in hives every time I come back here.

My visit to Indiana would have been even more sniffle-inducing than my visit home, but my charming boyfriend's thoughtful mother has elected to take down their Christmas tree before I arrive so the wheeze-inducing evergreen will not ruin my time there. Yay.
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