Thursday, December 09, 2004

Things I Hate

-The plumbing in my apartment
-Stale ice cream sandwiches
-Hoity-toity HLS professors who list their school email account on their faculty page but never, I mean never, check it. Who don't even have their assistants check it for them. Who tell students they already know that they never check that address, but here's the secret real email address they can use. Who leave students who don't already know them, but who are trying to ask a simple freaking question, out in the cold.
-My lack of free time to do anything that I'd like, such as watch Croupier or read Celestial Harmonies, combined with my ability to waste a cumulative amount of time in five minute increments through the day so I could have done either by now.
-Classes in which I am so lost that I can't even tell which of the hornbooks would be the most useful.
-Flyers that taunt me with clinical programs which don't fit into my schedule
-Shampoo priced at $6
-My mousy hair, super shine shampoo notwithstanding
-Nighttime at 5pm
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