Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I hate everything.

It's been a pretty terrible day so far.

Admin Law exam: didn't get to throw in my policy arguments before time was up, but also probably didn't cover all of the actual law. And for a treat, I get to take Fed Courts from the same prof and have another tortuous exam next spring!

Journal: last minute typo changes? You got it. And guess who gets to pay to FedEx the thing to the printer because the journal office staff is gone?

Wills and Trusts: after rampaging all over campus looking for my instructor's assistant's new office, I threw my paltry ten page packet into a box on top of a bunch of people with fifty page tabbed folders. Maybe Dana is just a low maintenance decedent. Or maybe I suck.

Did I mention that I have to catch a plane to Texas tomorrow? That I still haven't bought presents for people? That I spent the last half hour kicking things and scaring secretaries by swearing at elevators? Because those are all true.
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