Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Ethos of the Economic

So my Copyright outline? Not going well. And I forgot to go to the last session of one of my classes today. The instructor had us fill out course evaluations last week, so I had mentally checked off that class as over. I do have to meet with him on Thursday to discuss my project. Hope that goes okay.

This fellow has an interesting take on the HLS experience:
so much of this is so joyless, so soulless, the opposite of spiritual.
especially law and economics. and that is why it helps me remember who i am. i insctinctively recoil from it because to me it is the fucking matrix. it is kryptonite to my spiritual core, which is actually, the ethos of the Romantic.
This hurts my Posnerian core!

He is right, though, that Civ Pro is insanely hard. Three words: Arthur. Miller. Transcripts.
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