Tuesday, December 21, 2004

And, on a happier note . . .

End of year releases I am excited about:

The Life Aquatic: Wes Anderson. Bill Murray. Sharks. Could it get any better? (Well, maybe if Ramis and Murray would make up. While I strongly feel that Anderson has been the Tarantino to Murray's Travolta, just because some hot shot youngster reinvigorated your career doesn't mean you should turn your back on old friends.)

A Very Long Engagement: Audrey Tautou, limping around and looking pretty, trying to find her one true love. Because I am in the mood for love stories. P.S. I want a copy of the French poster!

Darkness: probably crap, but the trailer scares me, so I'll give it a chance.

Bad Education
: Talk to Her was really creepy in its treatment of women, although I enjoyed watching it at the time. There are no female leads in this movie. There are, however, transvestites.
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