Sunday, December 26, 2004

It's about time for my departure

After a long day of fighting with my grandmother's pokey dial-up to monitor the earthquake/tidal wave disaster in Southeast Asia, I am about ready to throw all my things in a sack and head out. Tomorrow I leave the sultry 60 degree weather of Texas (the snow didn't last, alas) for more wintry climes. To sum up my visit:

Tex-Mex meals eaten: 2
Pages of 3L paper written: 0
Dentist appointments: 1
Japanese horror videos watched: 2
Nightmares from said videos: 1
Close encounters with a vicious cockatiel: too many
Dinner table conversations including casual references to participation in illegal residential segregation practices: 1
Percentage of Celestial Harmonies read: 50
Percentage of Amber that is filled with celestial harmony: 0
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