Sunday, December 12, 2004

Super Freak Out!

The exam stress is really starting to get to me. Tiffany and I went out for sushi yesterday and she revealed that she has zero exams this semester. None. So jealous!

Copyright exam Wednesday, Admin the following Monday, and my Wills & Trusts project and online exam have to be complete before I leave town on the 22nd. Not as bad as it could be. The only potential problem with my in-class exams (which I love because I always do better on them than on take-homes) is that my typing seems to have gone down the toilet completely. I seem to have shaken the habit I picked up 1L year of throwing an extra e in govern(e)ment, but now I can't spell constitution (I had to fix that twice). I better have enough time to run spell check aftre my exams.

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