Friday, June 11, 2004

Where did everybody go?

The last day or two have been full of strange and unsettling events. First, my friend Chris was supposed to join Lovely Sarah and me for drinks yesterday, but he stood us up with no explanation.

Then my roommate, who I had half-quarreled with on Wednesday, not only did not acknowledge my greeting when she finally came back to the apartment last night and instead continued to talk on her cell phone (granted, I shouted down from the loft, but I was already in bed), but she was not in the apartment this morning when I woke up. I know she was going to Tennessee to drive the partner's car there this weekend, but that's not until this afternoon (last weekend was her firm retreat). So where is she? Where was she? Are we not on speaking terms? Who knows?

Thanks to the government workers' being on holiday, the Metro was eerily empty this morning. I've never seen it so deserted on a weekday before. The streets were bare of traffic as well. DC was a ghost town. Even the office seemed a little echoing today, although the firm was open for business.

This weekend I have two firm events, so that should keep me occupied and provide human contact. I hope.
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