Monday, June 28, 2004

Regional differences in stolen items

During one of my visits back in Texas, I took note of the fact that condoms were the only item locked up behind glass in the town's supermarket. I thought this was sad for a variety of reasons: that young people there were so ashamed to be sexually active that they would rather shoplift than take condoms to the checkout line, that putting birth control items behind glass where they required a special request to a clerk to obtain probably further discouraged bashful teens, and that all this probably meant more unsafe sex and teen pregnancy (not that this was the store's fault - they are within their rights to minimize shoplifting by locking up frequently stolen items).

Last night I stopped by a drugstore in D.C. to pick up milk and soap. Unfortunately, the latter (in both its bar and liquid forms) was locked up in the aforementioned glass cabinets and I had to track down an employee to let me in to get body wash. He said they have a problem with people stealing soap. Ah, D.C., where the condoms roam free but the soap is under lock and key.
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