Monday, June 21, 2004

Staying late

I'm still at the office. Today is my first real experience with staying late - most of the other summers, especially those in litigation, have done it tons of times in the last month. I thought I might order dinner through the firm's online delivery service (Seamless Web, for you New York types in the know), but I've been snacking all afternoon on a bag of gummi bears and am really not that hungry. I am getting frustrated and more than a bit panicky, though, since I've been hacking away at these last two issues since before lunch and still have little idea of the answer to the partner's questions.

Damn! I left the taxi voucher in my other purse. Maybe someone will still be at the front desk to give me another one when at last I finish this assignment. I'm sure the Metro will still be running then, but . . .
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